Kingsley Village
in the heart of Cheshire


As I sit writing this, the sun is shining and we are
at the end of the first week of isolation.
How quiet everywhere is, no planes passing, very
little traffic on the main road a couple of fields away.
Ball Lane however is busier than usual with walkers,
horses and cyclists all cheerily waving as they pass.

I understand that as a result of all the shut-downs city’s are seeing
more of the sky at night, some countries are seeing a clear daytime
sky for the first time in many years. Surely, this is telling us something.
Isolation for Christians is not a new thing. Jesus often took himself off
for long periods of time. The Dessert Fathers and Mothers distanced
themselves to help them come closer to God. Monastic communities
often set themselves up in remote places near the sea to remind
themselves of the whole rhythm of life with God’s creation in the
seasons and the pulse of the tides.
This coming and going is all part of life, this weird part of life we are
living through will eventually go.
This Easter will be very different for many of us but perhaps it will
bring us closer to God as we experience something of the disciples
great loss on that first Good Friday and the shear joy of the First Easter
We are Easter people living out the Gospel, with a self giving love,
rooted in the cross, a love that gives itself away as a gift.
A love that will see us through this testing time and a love that gives
us great hope for our future with Him.
With love and prayers,
Curate Hilary.


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