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Message sent by Phil Brandreth (Police, PCSO, Western Rural NPU)

July 2015 Monthly Newsletter for Kingsley Ward Residents 
I am the Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) for the Kingsley ward covering the areas of Kingsley, Hatchmere, Norley, Crowton, Sutton Weaver, Aston and Newton. If you feel like you need to report anything to me or mention anything worrying you or simply just meet your local officer please contact me on the following:
PCSO Phil Brandreth 21596                         
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Kingsley Local News

  • Reports of suspicious males seen on Dark Lane, Kingsley looking at some of the properties. Males were described as in their 20’s and all had their hoods up. If you see anything suspicious like this then please call 101 and let your local officer know.
  • Parking on Hollow Lane outside the shops on the double yellow lines is still an ongoing problem. Please do not park on the yellow lines as it causes an obstruction to other road uses and also drivers trying to turn onto Hollow Lane.
  • There have been complaints of large trucks coming through the village speeding from the local business plants. If you see this and feel the drivers are driving inappropriately please report it to the local officer and try to get the vehicle details so the drivers can be advised.

You Said We Did
You said: Speeding in the village is still a problem. 
We did: Your local officer has continued to carry out speed enforcement in the village especially along Middle Lane, Hollow Lane and Top Road. I will continue to go out with the speed gun and also with our speed activation device known as Smiley SID. I have also been in touch with local councillors to discuss matters moving forward and also gathered road statistics on average speeds drivers are going on all the complained roads. 
You said: Parking outside the shops on the yellow lines is getting worse. 
We did: Your local officer has been out advising motorists about parking on the yellow lines and also hope to sort some days where the Community Safety Warden can come out to the village to issue straight fines for parking on the yellow lines. 
Sutton Weaver Local News

  • There have been some complaints about youths congregating on the play areas in the evening time and refusing to leave. If there are youths congregating and acting suspicious please report it to your local officer and call 101.
  • Speeding and parking seem to be two of the main problems in the village since I started covering the area. This is being monitored and actions are being taken.
  • There were a few threats made to harm some of the horses at Sutton Fields. Patrols have been monitoring this area and staying in touch with management. If you see any persons or vehicles acting suspiciously then please report it to 101 as soon as possible.

You Said We Did
You said: Parking around Station Road, Beech Road and Cedar Avenue is a problem
We did: Your local officer has started making daily patrols around this area monitoring the parking and advising motorists who are obstructing the pavements. Over the past couple of weeks the parking seems to of improved and I will continue to manage this. 
You said: Speeding on the A56
We did: Your local officer has been out with the speed gun numerous times and also deployed our speed activation device indicating to motorists the speed they are travelling. I will continue to monitor this problem and hope to educate motorists over the next few months. 
Norley Local News

  • There have been reports of a suspicious male in the village on a Sunday morning close to Norley Church. If you see anyone suspicious in the village or any vehicle please report it to 101 straight away and let your local officer know.
  • There has been some reports of suspicious vehicles possibly drug dealing or drug taking in some of the back roads in the village. Again if you see anything suspicious please report this to your local officer and via the 101 non-emergency line for Cheshire Police.  

You Said We Did
You said: speeding motorists on High Street, Norley
We did: Your local officer has been out with the speed gun monitoring the speed and educating drivers. This will be a regular occurrence in the village from now on. A speed activation device has also been deployed in the village on a number of days to educate drivers and show how fast they are travelling. 
Hatchmere, Crowton, Aston & Newton Local News
With these areas being fairly new to me I have been going around trying to introduce myself to key people in the areas. I am hoping to build strong relationships with the residents and make sure my face is one everyone knows. 
I have been patrolling Aston Lane, Aston due to some recent suspicious vehicles being reported.
In Crowton I have been out with the speed gun and also deployed our speed activation device to make motorists aware of the speed they are travelling and whether it is within the speed limit. 

I have been carrying out speed enforcement in all these areas and also trying to find problem areas and times and when speeding is at its worse. If you have suggestions or would like to report a time when speeding on the roads seems to be at its worse, please let me know via my email above.    


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