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Message sent by Phil Brandreth (Police, PCSO, Western Rural NPU)

July 2015 Monthly Newsletter for Kingsley 

As the local Police Community Support officer for Kingsley I have decided to write monthly entries to let you know of any issues or problems in the area and what I have been doing with my time.


Fortunately there have been no major incidents in the village this past month and everything has been quiet. Let’s hope it stays this way. I do still urge all residents if you see anything or anyone that you feel to be suspicious please contact 101 immediately or email me directly.


Speeding has been a main complaint this past month especially on the roads Top Road, Hollow Lane by the school and also Middle Lane. I have been working closely with Parish Councillor David Vickers and some other residents to devise a plan of action moving forward. Until then I will continue to deploy our speed activation device in the village which highlights to drivers the speed they are travelling. Along with this I will also continue to go out with the speed gun at various times of the day. We are working with the local council also to get statistics from all the roads which calculate the average speed of drivers and the peak times for speeding. From this information we will be able to collaborate it and assess the situation a bit more clearly.


Parking around the shops in Kingsley is still a problem especially on the double yellow lines. This has been an ongoing problem since I started but I will continue to educate drivers on the risks and problems with parking on double yellow lines. I will also be working with the Community Safety Wardens who have the power to issue tickets for parking on the yellow lines.


I am still holding Police Beat Management Meetings monthly at Gibson Mill coffee shop and also the Community Centre. My next meetings are on 22nd August at 11am at Gibson Mill and 12pm at the Community Centre. I always advertise my local meetings on the Village Notice Board, on the village Facebook page and in the local businesses.  I urge all residents if you have a problem or want to report something please come and see me at these times as I would love to be of assistance to you and help you. I really hope moving forward we can continue to work closely to help make the village better for all.


If you have any other issues please contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view


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