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Message sent by Ian Harding (Police, PC, Chester LPU PC)

Chester Rural End of Month Newsletter March 2016

PS Ian Wilson 
Beat Management Sergeant – Frodsham & Chester Rural.     
Welcome to my second edition of the Chester Rural Police update as the Chester Rural Sergeant. I will endeavor to both circulate the Newsletter monthly at the end of each month and attach to the rural section of the website. Within the newsletter I will update you on crime / anti-social behavior in your local areas, as well as highlighting and celebrate what my staff are / have been doing to support communities and address the on-going issues. I will also highlight Chester Rural’s major priorities for the next month. 
I am trying to communicate with as many of our rural residents as possible with these updates and I am looking to increase our subscribers to Cheshire Alert, so please highlight the advantages of signing up to friends/relatives in the area. Also, (as I know many of you already do) please also print-off and circulate the newsletters to those who don’t have computer / e-mail access. 
As well as the regular Cheshire Alert updates, please be aware of further rural information on the Chester Local Policing Unit twitter page (@PoliceChester) and the Cheshire Police website (
 Kingsley Ward – PCSO Phil Brandreth 

The main issues continue to be parking around school drop off and pickup times. PCSO Brandreth is working with the Head Teacher at Aston by Sutton school to devise ways where we can prevent parents parking on yellow zig-zags for dropping off and in overall general road safety and road awareness. High visibility presence during these times is a main goal. 
Beat Meetings; 
Kingsley Gibson Mill on 25th April at 12pm and at Kingsley Community Centre at 1pm
Norley Stores on 26th April at 11am
Sutton Weaver at Gleaves Garden Centre, Frodsham on 20th April at 11am. 


The Chester Rural Team;
I have attached photographs of myself and my team to this newsletter in order that you will hopefully recognise us in your community. 
   PC Ged Gigg – South Rural (Tattenhall, Farndon & Malpas) Ged is also our Wildlife Crime Officer
   PC Rob Boulton – Gowy & Chester Villages
   PC Michelle Flanagan – Helsby, Frodsham & Kingsley
Elton Ward – PCSO Jake Connolly

  1. There was an anonymous report of off road bikes being used on the fields at the rear of The Paddocks, Elton. Regular patrols were made in the area and offenders were identified. Local PCSO Connolly and PC Rob Boulton attended at the offender’s homes and spoke with their parents to take appropriate and positive action.
  2. There have been a number of reports of anti-social behavior in the past week, specifically stone throwing. There will be ongoing work by local officers as offenders have not yet been identified. Please call 101 with any information in relation to these incidents.
  3. The new school zebra crossing will be introduced over school half term. This in conjunction with police presence and other methods will help ease congestion during school pick up and drop off time in coming months.

Beat Meetings;
Outside local shops, Ince Lane, Elton. 11am -12pm on the  6th 13th 20th  27th April. 
Parish Council Meeting – 7pm on the 11th April at the local community centre. 

Chester Villages Ward – PCSO Debbie Netherton

Guilden Sutton;
Suspicious activity in the area, please ensure property is locked and  keys/valuables are not left on show in vehicles or property.
Mickle Trafford;
Theft from motor Vehicles, please ensure property is locked and keys/valuables are not left on show in vehicles or Property.
Wimbolds Trafford;
Reports of HGVs using Cryers Lane. Currently being monitored by officers.
Parking issues at school times please be aware of pedestrians crossing and where you park. 
ASB at the community centre seems to have calmed.
Thefts from motor Vehicles please ensure vehicles are secure and no valuables on show.
Parking issues at school times, please be aware of pedestrians crossing and where you park. 
Stolen Trailer Found in Woodfield’s Christleton.
Beat Meeting;

Frodsham Ward – PCSO Neil Flanagan

The spate of thefts from garages, sheds and vehicles in the Frodsham area during December and January appears to have settled down. More recently there has been only one incident of an attempt theft from a garden shed in Arran Drive. Neil and his colleagues have recently been distributing the Op Shield home property marking kits to houses in Doric Avenue and Arran Drive. I have again included the practice advice from last month’s newsletter;   
Here is some useful practical advice to prevent / reduce offences of this nature;
Keep any garages, sheds or outbuildings locked and secure whatever time of the day or night.
Ensure they use a good quality padlock or other security device - ideally one that will be difficult to force open or cut through.
Keep any gardening equipment, tools and electrical equipment safe and out of sight. Do not be tempted to leave items lying around the garden - an opportunistic thief could use them to help them break into your home.
Secure any large/bulky items like ladders or bikes to the inside of the garage, shed or outbuilding − or consider using ground mounted anchoring systems, which lock items to the floor making them difficult to steal.
Consider other security measures in your garden such as motion sensitive lights, which switch on if anyone is outside, using gravel, which is noisy if anyone steps on it, and planting prickly bushes around sheds, to deter potential thieves.
Use marking systems such as SelectaDNA (Op Shield) which show that the items belong to you. If any of the items are ever stolen and recovered it will be easier for them to be returned to their rightful owner.
Speeding Issues;
In respect of recent reports of speeding issues, here is summary of the work that has been done by both the Community Speed watch volunteers and police devices;
January 2016 – Community Speed Watch detected 11 vehicles speeding in the Frodsham area. In February 2016 Community Speed Watch detected 16 vehicles and the police detected 4 vehicles speeding in the Frodsham area.
In addition to this work, Op Intercept attended Frodsham on the 1st March to support both the community Speed Watch and Op Shield. In a four hour period between 11am and 3pm a total of 3,477 passed through the area monitored and a total of 6 vehicles were stopped and drivers dealt with for traffic related offences, none of which were for speeding.

Helsby Ward – PCSO Jon Finchett 

  • Reports of vehicles parking causing an obstruction on Lodge Hollow, Helsby near to the train station. Reports received of vehicles parking causing an obstruction to driveways and to the road. When parking at the location can I ask that driveways are kept clear and there is enough room on the road to allow vehicles to pass. If you want to report a vehicle obstruction please call Cheshire Police on 101.
  • Community Speed Watch Meeting Helsby. I am going to be holding a Community Speed Watch Meeting at the community center on the 03/04/2016 at 14.00. It will be a chance to take a look at the speed gun and ask any questions.
  • I will be carrying out lets walk with children from Hillside Primary School early next month. This will include crossing the road safely and general road safety.
  • Myself and PCSO Flanagan will be holding a driver awareness day in the Helsby/Frodsham area on the 2nd April where we will be carrying out speed checks and officers will be issuing tickets for no seatbelts and being on mobile phones whilst driving.

Beat Meetings;
JTO Tea Rooms, Chester Road, Helsby – 26/04/2016 10.00am for 1hour 
Helsby Library, Lower Robin Hood Lane, Helsby – 26/04/2016 14.00pm for 1 hour

Gowy Ward – PCSO Steve Edmonds

The main issues in the Gowy ward are in relation to vehicles speeding and particularly outside schools. Aston Heyes is one of the areas where Steve has focused his efforts with speed detection devices. Steve has also been to the Gowy Parish council meeting and promoted the Community Speed Watch initiative and asked for volunteers from the community to help with this initiative.
Some of the PCSO’s from other areas have recently been trained in the use the new ‘True Speed’ speed detection device to allow us to do some speed enforcement in the coming months.
Beat Meetings;
Tarvin and Kelsall Ward – PCSO Ryan Reid

The main complaint received from members of the community is speeding motorists in the following areas. Station Road, Delamere, Willington Lane, Oscroft, Tarporley Road, Tarvin, Chester Road, Kelsall and Chapel Lane, Willington. A speed indication device has been placed out at strategic locations with the aim of reducing speed, and reminding drivers of the speed limit. You will be aware from the last Newsletter that some of the PCSO’s from other areas have recently been trained in the use the new ‘True Speed’ speed detection device to allow us to do some speed enforcement in the coming months.
Tattenhall Ward – PCSO Jen Gilbert

Following contact regarding youth anti-social behavior at the youth ‘POD’ I will be in the area to try and deter this type of behavior. I have spoken with various youths that may well be involved and will continue to do so.
Parking issues outside Tattenhall Primary.
Whilst on foot patrol I have been approached by various residents/parents regarding parking issues outside the school. I have conducted parking patrol numerous times at the start and end of school to get an idea of what issues the school is experiencing. I have also contacted the council to correct the lights surrounding the school so that they turn on/off and the correct times.
April Priority.
Anti-social behavior will be a priority again this month. I will still be monitoring this closely. Previous reports are connected with anti-social behavior at the youth ‘Pod’.
Beat meetings.
Tattenhall Library - Friday 15th April 14.15-15.00
Alison’s Café - Wednesday 27th April 12.15-13.00

Farndon Ward – PCSO Jon Hurst
Hatton Heath and Bruera – There have been a number of burglaries on outbuilding and thefts of bikes and garden ornaments around the area (Platt’s Lane & Chapel Lane between Saighton & Bruera) If you see any suspicious activity or vehicles report them on the 101 non-emergency number. 
Malpas Ward – PCSO Jon Hurst

Malpas – Residents told us they are concerned about problem parking on the High Street and Church Lane. Local officers are giving attention to problem parking and will update the residents at the next Parish Council at the next meeting. 
Jon has found a home for his bike at Malpas Fire Station, this will allow him to be more visible and approachable when patrolling his beat area. Thanks to the station Manager for letting Jon store a bike there, it is very much appreciated by the Police and the community.
Speed gun Deployment
PCSOs Jon Finchett and Jon Hurst have been out and about with the newly purchased Tru-Speed Speed gun. PCSO Hurst said this is an excellent piece of equipment and will really help us with rural  speeding. 
Community Speedwatch
PCSO Jon Hurst has been supporting Saighton residents who have recently started a Community Speedwatch Scheme. PCSO Hurst said the scheme has had positive effect in reducing speed motorists drive through the village - which is a 30 mph limit. If you are interested in starting a scheme in your village contact PCSO Jon Hurst.
Rural Cycle Patrols
Bikes have been pre-positioned at Dragon Hall for Tattenhall and Malpas, they will be used by local PCSOs Jen Gilbert and Jon Hurst during the summer months to carry out cycle patrols around Farndon, Tattenhall and Malpas. Jen and Jon are looking forward to getting out and about and to engaging with cycle clubs who regularly use the area and also with recreational cyclists, and for those who need it giving road safety advice.      
Beat Meetings;

  • Malpas Parish Council Surgery 10-12 am at the Jubilee Hall Saturday 2nd April
  • Tilston Police Surgery 10-12 am at the Village Hall Wednesday 6th April
  • Malpas Parish Council Meeting 7 pm at the Jubilee Hall Monday 11th April
  • Malpas Coffee Morning 11-12 am at the Jubilee Hall Wednesday 13th April
  • Cuddington Parish Meeting 7.30 pm at the Women’s Institute Building Thursday 20th April
  • Farndon Police Surgery 10-11 am at the Village Hall Wednesday 27th April

Monthly Priorities
The monthly priorities for Chester Rural in April remain the same as March;
Road Safety – Speeding and parking issue remain a major priority for our rural communities and we will continue to use preventative and enforceable methods to improve the safety on our roads.
PCSO’s Jon Hurst and Jon Finchett have recently been trained in the use of the new ‘True Speed’ speed detection device to allow us to do some speed enforcement in the coming months. This enforcement will support the on-going prevention work by the PCSO’s and the community speedwatch volunteers.
Operation Shield – Property Marking Burglary Reduction Initiative - 
 Following a recent spike of shed burglaries and thefts from vehicles in the Frodsham and surrounding areas we have been distributing home property marking kits and putting up street signs in the more vulnerable areas. This work will continue supported by bike marking events and other crime reduction initiatives. 

I will report on how we have actioned these monthly priorities and the impact our work has had in the March newsletter.
I have also included some information about rural watch which some of you will have heard about, I hope in the coming months to roll out this scheme across the rural area in conjunction with Op Shield.
Rural Watch;
Cheshire Police work together with a range of organisations and individuals within rural communities to build a stronger rural community.
We provide practical help for residents through our Rural Watch scheme and encourage members of the rural community to look out for each other.
Rural Watch is the overarching initiative for the sharing of information across Cheshire’s rural communities to tackle criminality and other issues affecting them.
Rural Watch is operated by local groups who are given advice on improving security and given signs to display to deter criminals.
The main aims of Rural Watch are:

  • To provide Rural Watch signs to deter criminals and anti-social behavior
  • To encourage telephone and email contact between the community and Cheshire Police about crimes and suspicious activity
  • To encourage rural communities to take crime prevention and deterrent action.

Participating in a Rural Watch scheme can increase feelings of safety and security in rural areas, enhance the prevention and detection of crime, and help Cheshire Police to bring offenders to justice and recover stolen property.
As a Rural watch member you will receive:

  • Regular alerts
  • Crime Prevention advice
  • Information on outstanding rural related crimes.

Please be advised that we may not be able to report on all crimes that come in, but we will do our best to keep you as up to date as possible.
Interested in signing up to rural watch? Please email
Any feedback on this month’s newsletter will be gratefully received. Information can also be passed on anonymously, via Crimestoppers, on 0800 555 111."
Kind Regards
PS 3014 Ian Wilson
Beat Management Sergeant (Frodsham & Chester Rural)
Blacon Police Station | Blacon Avenue | Blacon | Chester  | CH1 5BD
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