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Message sent by Phil Brandreth (Police, PCSO, Western Rural NPU)

Monthly Newsletter    2015
Western Rural Police Team 
Twitter  @WesternRuralNPU
Message from Inspector Keith Curbishley
Spring has definitely arrived and many people are spending time tidying their gardens up, which inevitably means opening sheds and garages and dusting off various forms of equipment. In doing so, please be mindful that criminals will use this opportunity to view what you have stored in your garage, whilst the door is open, or even seize the opportunity to take unattended equipment or sneak into a house whilst the occupant is busy in the garden. Please enjoy the nice weather, but do not make yourself vulnerable to becoming a victim of crime.
I would also like to reinforce the message about not being tempted to get behind the wheel of your car after you have enjoyed a drink. The warmer evenings and increasing number of events which are held during the summer months may tempt people to have ‘just one more’ drink with friends. Such a decision could violently end a great many friendships in an instant! Please support any friends or family who may be a ‘nominated driver’ and challenge anyone who you hear saying to a friend “You’ll be alright with just one…”

Local priorities for May 2015

  1. VEHICLE CRIME – There has been a spate of thefts of tools from vans, predominantly in the Frodsham area, but with offences across the Rural policing area. Local officers are encouraging tradesmen to remove tools and equipment from vans overnight, where possible, or to fit additional locks or security. Also to park vans in locations which make is more difficult for them to be broken into.
  2. ROAD SAFETY – Summer events and warmer evenings may tempt some drivers to increase their speed on the dry roads or to indulge in one too many social drinks. New officers on the Rural NPU are being trained in the use of the speed gun and are instructed to stop and deal robustly with any drivers who choose to put others at risk.
  3. ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR - It is not unusual for the police to receive an increased number of calls about ASB during the summer months as new generations of youngsters venture out to meet their friends. Please consider that although the issues may be the same as previous years (kids tend to do the same things any particular age), it may well be a new generation this year who are not aware of the problems they are causing. It may be the case that they just need advising appropriately. Local officers are familiar with the usual locations which attract problem behaviour and will be targeting such areas to deter

Local news -  Dunham on the Hill & Great Barrow, Delamere, Kingsley and Utkinton

  • In Norley during the early hours one morning we had reports of a suspicious vehicle in a residents drive way. The vehicle was reported as a black 4x4 and had roof lights on the top of the vehicle which were also switched on. The vehicle drove up and down the road and into a residents drive. This lasted for approximately ten minutes. If you see anything or anyone suspicious in your area please call 101 and report it straight away. Any details you can supply always assist us.
  • Reports of an abandoned possibly stolen car on Village Road, Dunham on the Hill were made to the local officer. This has been investigated and the information passed over to the DVLA. There are no reports of the car being stolen.
  • In Utkinton there have been a number of complaints regarding parking on John Street and by Quarry Bank especially at the junction of the two roads. Parking on or close to a junction is dangerous, along with parking on pavements preventing pedestrians to pass along the pavement safely. When parking on a pavement you must leave enough space for a wheelchair or double push chair to get through safely without having to go onto the road.
  • In the Norley / Delamere there has been a report of potential drug dealing and drug activity. Drivers in a vehicle were seen acting suspiciously one evening when meeting with another vehicle. If you see anything suspicious like this please call 101 and report it immediately. If you can get any vehicle details as well that can help us but do not put yourself at risk trying to obtain details.

Local Officer Details
PCSO21596 Phil Brandreth. 
Frodsham Police Station, Ship Street, WA6 7NW.
01606 362543
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view
You said we did - Dunham on the Hill & Great Barrow, Delamere, Kingsley and Utkinton
You Said: can something be done about the speed motorists drive down Middle Lane in Kingsley?
We Did: The local officer PCSO Brandreth has been out deploying our speed activation device which shows motorists the speed they are travelling. If they are within the speed limit it smiles and if they are above the limit it frowns. PCSO Brandreth will also be carrying out speed gun work in Kingsley over the next few weeks. 
You Said: Motorbikes travelling down Station Road in Delamere are speeding constantly and causing a danger to themselves and others on the roads. 
We Did: This is a common complaint that we receive for this stretch of road. The local officer PCSO Brandreth will continue to carry out speed enforcement in this area. If you want to report anything on this matter please email PCSO Brandreth on the contact details above. 
You Said: Can anything be done about vehicles parking on the double yellow lines outside the shops in Kingsley on Hollow Lane?
We Said: This is a continuous problem and one that will not go away easily. When in the area, local officers advise drivers about parking on double yellow lines and the dangers it could cause. The local officer has also been in contact with the local community safety wardens to work on some more long term solutions.  
Local meetings - Dunham on the Hill & Great Barrow, Delamere, Kingsley and Utkinton
1. Kingsley Beat Management Meeting at Gibsons Mill Coffee Shop on Wednesday 27th May 2015 at 12pm
2. Kingsley Beat Management Meeting at Kingsley Community Centre on Wednesday 27th May at 1pm
3. Utkinton Beat Management Meeting at Rose Farm Coffee Shop on Thursday 28th May at 12pm
4. Barrow Beat Management Meeting at Barrow Village Shop on Friday 29th May at 2pm
5. Norley Beat Management Meeting at Norley Village Shop on Monday 1st June at 1pm
Local news – Frodsham
Off road motorbikes in Frodsham
We continue to receive reports of young males on off road motorbikes in the Ashton Drive/Hayes Crescent area of Frodsham as well as The Marshes. These bikes are not only causing issues for residents in the surrounding areas but are also dangerous when ridden in this anti-social manner. Officers are actively patrolling the area and gathering information to successfully take these bikes off the road. If you have any information to pass in relation to this issue please contact 101 or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800555111 or get in touch via your local Police Community Support Officer Neil Flanagan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view
Join Community Speed Watch
Enthusiastic volunteers are needed to join the Community Speed Watch scheme in Frodsham. Officers are searching for a number of willing volunteers in the area to join the already established initiative. PCSO Neil Flanagan of Western Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “We’re looking to get as many people as possible involved in this scheme which can make a real difference in terms of road safety.”
The initiative involves volunteers giving up some of their spare time to help monitor traffic in a targeted area. The volunteers - who must be over 18 - are trained to use a speed gun to detect the speed of passing vehicles. Motorists who are driving at an excessive speed are sent a warning letter and told that if they are clocked speeding again they could be fined £60 and face three points on their licence. 
A few volunteers have recently been trained with the gun and PCSO Flanagan is looking to add to this number. In addition to the Speed Watch scheme, local police are also working with the town council and the Highways Agency to bring in speed indication devices. The devices alert drivers to the speed they are traveling at and police say they have proven to be a worthwhile tool in problematic areas.
If you would like to volunteer for the Community Speed Watch scheme in the Frodsham area please contact PCSO Neil Flanagan via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view
You said we did – Frodsham
Antisocial behaviour - Off road motorbikes 
You said: Local residents expressing concern about youths causing a nuisance on off road bikes
We did: A number of off road bikes have been seen riding around the Frodsham area. Some have been seized for no insurance and others issued with a Section 59 Warning notice for riding in an anti-social manner
Parking Issues
You said:  Residents have been increasingly concerned about the parking of vehicles around St. Lukes RC Primary School.
We did: Local PCSO Neil Flanagan has been targeting Whitehall Place and surrounding roads and issuing warnings where necessary. Neil will continue to monitor the issues at the school with a view to working with the school, residents, parents and the council to formulate possible solutions.
Antisocial behaviour – Castle Park
You said: Complaints have been received about groups of teenage boys and girls who are playing football on the tennis court and not moving off when requested by people trying to play tennis. They then proceed to kick footballs into the court from the grassy area at the side of the court.
We did: This area receives regular police patrols and youths have been and will be moved on and dispersed where appropriate. This will continue into the summer months
Local meetings – Frodsham
Wednesday 6th May – 1000hrs – 1200hrs. Costa Coffee, Church Street, Frodsham
Friday 15th May – 1400hrs – 1600hrs. Frodsham Library, Princeway, Frodsham
Wednesday 3rd June – 1000hrs – 1200hrs. Costa Coffee, Church Street, Frodsham
Thursday 25th June – 1100hrs – 1300hrs. Frodsham Library, Princeway, Frodsham
Local news - Cuddington & Sandiway, Oakmere, Acton Bridge & Sutton Weaver

  • Theft of lead from houses on the new housing site on Ash Road, Cuddington, and from a property on Norley road, Sandiway has occurred over the last month. There has also been an attempt burglary on a property in Warburton Close, Sandiway. If anyone has any information with regard to these crimes, please do not hesitate to call the police on 101, or alternatively speak to a member of your Local Policing team. 
  • There have been reports of illegal fishing at the Dutton Flashes, off Lodge Lane, Dutton. Anyone who has any information regarding to this crime, please do not hesitate to call the police on 101, or alternatively speak to a member of your Local Policing team.
  • On Wednesday, 15 April, 2015, a Black Diamond Mountain Bike was stolen from outside the Spar store on Fir Lane, Sandiway, at about 4.45pm. If anyone has any information regarding to this crime, please do not hesitate to call the police on 101, or alternatively speak to a member of your Local Policing team.

PCSO 21364 Ryan Reid, Frodsham Police Station  01606 362545   

You said we did – Cuddington & Sandiway, Oakmere, Acton Bridge & Sutton Weaver
You said: To tackle speeding issues in the Norley Road, and Weaverham Road, area of Cuddington and Sandiway. Hilltop Road and Station Road, Acton Bridge, and Chester Road, Sutton Weaver, as it is a “constant and on-going problem".
We did: Your Neighbourhood Policing Team have deployed a 'Speed Indication Device' at various locations on at Cuddington, Sandiway, Acton Bridge and Sutton Weaver, for high visibility community speed checks for the month of Apirl, to warn motorists who were exceeding the speed limit. They also did spot speed checks at various locations over the same period.

You said: To tackle inappropriate parking on Ash Road, Cuddington, outside the Primary School.
We did: Your Neighbourhood Policing Team will continue to carry out high visibility patrols in the area at the relevant times.

You said: To tackle Anti-Social behavior outside the Sandiway Library, Mere Lane, Sandiway.
We did: Your Neighbourhood Policing Team will continue to carry out high visibility patrols in the area at the relevant times.

Local meetings – Cuddington & Sandiway, Oakmere, Acton Bridge & Sutton Weaver
Tuesday, 8 May, 2015 at Sandiway Library between 1700 – 1900.
Saturday, 30 may, 2015 at Sandiway Library, between 1000- 1200.
Saturday, 30 May, 2015, at Acton Bridge Parish Hall, between 1230 – 1330.
Local news – Helsby

  • There have been reports of speeding on Chester Road near too Vicarage Lane and Mill Rise members of the public are unable to get out onto the main road. If you feel that any vehicles are driving dangerously try and obtain a vehicle registration number and contact 101 with the details.  
  • Report that youths have been trying to enter the building site off Chester Road and have damaged some of the temporary fencing around the site. The incident was crimed and people are advised that if any youths are seen trying to get onto the site or are causing a nuisance please contact 101.
  • Report that an empty snap bag with a Rastafarian type logo on it has been found at the back of the Methodist Church and that some youths congregate there mostly at weekends and on some evenings. Please call 101 if youths are at the location and are causing a nuisance or alternatively call your local policing team on 01606 362 545

PCSO Jonathan Finchett 21799 
Local news – Helsby
You Said: Tackle speeding issues in the Chester Road, Vicarage Lane, Mill Rise and Primrose area of Helsby which is an ongoing issue
We did: We have deployed a Speed Indication Device at various locations on Chester Road and Primrose Lane. 
You Said: Passing attention given to the area surrounding the building site by Lower Robin Hood Lane as youths have been seen climbing the metal fence.
We Did: Nothing seen as of yet during recent patrols but we will continue to monitor this. Local officers aware of the issue and passing attention will continue to be given. 
You Said: Passing attention given to the Church and the surrounding area. 
We Did: Local officers are aware of the matter and we will continue to give it passing attention during our tours of duty. 
Local meetings – Helsby
The next meeting is in the process of being arranged with the new Helsby PCSO Jonathan Finchett. It will be advertised around the village and via twitter and alert once booked. 


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