Kingsley Village
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Kingsley Parish Council have a duty of care to serve their local community in an even handed and equitable manner. As such we have drawn up a set of policies and procedures that  make it clear how we will operate and serve our local community.

Our Standing Orders and Financial Regulations act as guiding documents setting out how we will conduct Parish Council activity with additional policies outlining how we intend to manage risk and specific subject-based challenges.

Below are downloadable copies of our policies in PDF format. Click here if you have trouble opening them.

Kingsley Parish Council Standing OrdersKingsley Parish Council Standing Orders
Kingsley Parish Council Financial RegulationsKingsley Parish Council Financial Regulations
Kingsley Parish Council Complaints ProcedureKingsley Parish Council Complaints Procedure
Burial FeesKingsley Parish Council Freedom of Information Procedure
Kingsley Parish Council Risk Management PolicyKingsley Parish Council Risk Management Policy
Kingsley Parish Council Code Of ConductKingsley Parish Council Code Of Conduct

Working Groups & Committees

Kingsley Parish Council have set up a number of working groups to streamline Parish Council activities. These working groups are made up of nominated members of the Parish Council that take advantage of Parish Councillor interests and skill sets to manage tasks covered by the working group in question. All working groups submit their recommendation into the full council for formal approval.

Below are downloadable copies of our working groups Terms of Reference:

Planning Working GroupPlanning Working Group
Village Enhancement Working GroupVillage Enhancement Working Group
Policy and Process CommitteePolicy and Process Committee
Cemetery and Boardroom Working GroupCemetery and Boardroom Working Group

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