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Robin Daniels, Project Manager overseeing the construction of the holiday lodges in Delamere Forest, has asked that the following be shared as it explains the footpath closures affecting the area. 

Click the following links to download the attached documents:

Current Construction Master plan

Trail Diversions

Closure Notice


Forest Holidays very much welcomes the interest and feedback from local forest users and the team have been delighted to meet many of them to discuss the progress of the location at Delamere Forest.

It is vitally important that forest users follow the site signage and diversion routes which are in place for their convenience and safety.


It has been possible to incorporate some of the recommendations from local users into the works and we appreciate the feedback from those who know the forest well.


Following some queries, please find details of closures, diversions and improvements undertaken to this point.


When works commenced on 23rd July 2019, limited closures were introduced in the immediate area of the construction works (cabin 31 on the masterplan),  Subsequently, to ensure the safety of all forest users, we made a more formal closure of a wider area of the forest.


The current diversion route has also been in place and accessible since 23rd July. Tree-works were initially undertaken along most of this route in March, with further works completed last month.


Ground improvement works were planned for August but initially paused due to high footfall during the school summer holiday period. High rainfall in September led to some delays in completing groundworks along the route. These groundworks are now underway this week (16.09.19) and feedback from local horse riders is that the proposed improvements would render the routes fully suitable for their use.


A question has been raised regarding Manley FP24. FP24 is beyond Forest Holidays’ lease boundary. Forestry England have no current plans to work on this part of the trail.


Forest Holidays and Forestry England’s Delamere teams are keen to ensure the community is kept informed and we welcome the opportunity to provide updates to your parish newsletter and hope to have the same opportunity to engage with the other parish councils in the area.


Full details and some of the more frequently asked questions can be found at: