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I am sorry to announce that Anne Kavanagh is resigning from her role of leading the Kingsley Youth Group.

Anne Kavanagh and Charlie Shelton have been the soul of KYG and they deserve no end of thanks for enabling so many young people to benefit from their enthusiasm and skills. It has been a genuine pleasure working with them over the years with many enjoyable times. It must be very hard for Anne to give it up after all she put in but, as has been said, the effort her and Charlie put in did a lot of good for a lot of people over a long period.

The main reason for Anne resigning is that we have tried for nearly two years now to recruit qualified Youth Workers with no success. COVID was obviously a major factor but as the danger recedes (we hope!) there is no sign of anyone volunteering despite numerous appeals.

We would make a final appeal for someone from the Kingsley community to take Anne’s place. Please contact John Carson on 07967 482992 if you are interested. If we cannot get a replacement by the end of February the intention is for myself and the Board of Trustees to also resign and wind up Kingsley Youth Group on 31st  March 2022.

If that is the case then I would like to thank the Board of Trustees for their support and also the many people in Kingsley who helped fund the Group through various events such as the Summer Ball, the Gin tasting and the Fete (special thanks to the Red Bull and it’s many helpers) and others.

Hopefully the Youth Club will re-surface in a different form in the future.

Many thanks
John Carson
Treasurer and Chair of the Board of Trustees