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Message sent by Andy Wedgwood (Police, Sergeant, Western Rural)

News Bulletin 

Western Rural Round-up-           Week ending       21/6/2015  
NPT Frodsham - Voicemail. 0845-458-6393
NPT Dragon Hall - Voicemail. 0845-458-6377
NPT Mickle Trafford – Voicemail. 0845-458-6394

Please note that the local police station 0845 telephone numbers are not staffed 24 hours a day and that there may be some delay in responding to any messages left. 

  1. Last weekend, a quantity of heating oil was stolen from the tank at an address in Mouldsworth. This type of offence is not uncommon, offenders typically having a large receiving tank fitted inside a van. If you have oil fired heating, please make sure that your tank is securely locked and preferably fenced in to prevent unauthorised access.
  2. One of the shops in Elton was broken into last Monday night. The local shops in villages provide an important service to their communities. Please contact the police if you saw anything suspicious.
  3. An address in Tiverton which is currently unoccupied appears to have been targeted by youths on a number of occasions this week, causing damage and forcing entry to buildings. If you have youngsters in this area, please make sure that you know what they are up to and not getting into trouble.
  4. An address in Helsby was broken into on Thursday, about midday. Three suspects were seen to leave the area. Please remember to lock all doors and windows, even in the warm weather if you go out.
  5. A vehicle was broken into in Frodsham this week. There was no sign of forced entry. Please note that there have been a number of vehicles entered in Frodsham in recent weeks, where police suspect a specialist tool or piece of electronic equipment may have been used to secure entry. If you have any information which may assist local officers to stop this type of crime, please call.
  6. Waverton village hall had its rear door damaged by a group of youths on Thursday. If you hear from your children who may be responsible, please contact the police.
  7. Two cycles were stolen from an unlocked garage in Clutton this week. Please do not ignore simple security measures just because you live in a quiet village location. Some offenders target such locations!
  8. A number of saddles were stolen from the Bolesworth show this weekend. Please watch out for any expensive tack which comes on the market in the region. It is an unfortunate fact that thieves target large shows and events during the summer months, when large numbers of people attend in a relaxed frame of mind. The pleasant environment does not mean that you can afford to let normal security measures lapse. Please take care of your posessions.

Inspector Keith Curbishley
Frodsham Police Station
Western Rural Neighbourhood Police Team 
0845 458 6393