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Following the recent elections, Kingsley Parish Council has 2 vacancies for Parish Councillor which we are now seeking to fill.

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you might want to consider joining your Parish Council.

Kingsley Parish Council is made up of ‘ordinary’ Kingsley residents – people just like you. Some have young families, most have other jobs, and all have lots of other interests and little ‘spare’ time but we also care passionately about our village and want to help make a difference.

Although the Parish Council may have limited powers to take much direct action, we do have a wide range of responsibilities, have plenty of work to do in and around the village and working with and influencing other organisations.

We can’t do everything and we don’t always get it right but we could do better and achieve more if we were able to fill the current vacancies ! If you have a few spare hours each month and would be willing to get involved then why not apply to join.

To apply:

Any person wishing to serve as a Councillor should write to or e-mail the Council (see address below) providing full contact details, basic information about you, list of your relevant skills/experience and a short explanation as to why you wish to become a Parish Councillor. Applications to be submitted by 30th September 2015 . Applications will be considered at the Kingsley Parish Council meeting in October 2015.

Mrs C. Jones (Chair of Kingsley Parish Council)
9, Hunters Hill
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are still unsure then why not get in touch with any of the current Parish Councillors to understand more about what it is we do.

Minimum requirements:

To qualify, a person must be a British subject, over 18 years of age and be an elector, must reside within Kingsley Parish or within 3 miles of it, or occupy as owner or tenant any land or premises therein, or have their principal or only place of work there, and must not be disqualified from holding office as a Councillor (details from the Chair)