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Statement from Kingsley Parish Council

Subject: Possible development of land off Higher Heyes Drive

At the Kingsley Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 15th November 2016, several members of the public attended wanting to find out more information about the possible housing development off Higher Heyes Drive. Some of those present also raised concerns about the proposal that included issues such as: not wishing to see development in the green belt; worried about further expansion of the village; increase in traffic and transport; disruption caused during the development phase (if it should occur); and queries over how the results of the housing needs survey would be used.

It became evident listening to the concerns that there is still some confusion about the proposal; how the Parish Council are involved; what stage things are at and who is involved.

It was agreed that the Parish Council should issue a short statement providing what information it can on the possible proposal.

What we know

At the Parish Council meeting on 20th September 2016, two representatives from a planning consultants/development company called Barton Willmore were in attendance following a request a week earlier to come and speak to the Parish Council. The Parish Council were given no advance information or details on what they wished to speak about.

The representatives from Barton Willmore then informed us that they were interested in developing a housing scheme on land just off Higher Heyes Drive comprising approx. 15 units made up of a mixture of detached, semi-detached and bungalows.

Barton Willmore informed us that in order for such development to be built on green belt land then according to local planning policies the housing would be classed as rural exception housing (more commonly known as affordable housing). They explained that the next step, prior to submitting a planning application to Cheshire West and Chester Council (the local planning authority) would be to carry out a housing needs survey to determine if there was a need for such housing. They asked about the survey that the Parish Council had been involved in prior to the Pike Lane development and for some initial feedback on the proposals. We explained that the 'Pike Lane' survey had been developed by the Parish Council and Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC) and was handled by volunteers with the survey being delivered through every door in the village. We, again confirmed, the methodology used in response to a follow up email sent by Barton Willmore but also took that opportunity to confirm the stance we had taken at the meeting which was that Kingsley Parish Council would not endorse the survey or wish to be involved in its development or delivery.

Kingsley Parish Council made it clear to Barton Willmore at the meeting and again in our response that followed their query, that we would not provide any feedback nor make any comments on the development proposal until such time as all the details were made available to the Parish Council through a formal planning application submitted to CWAC

Since that meeting, the Parish Council has had no further contact with Barton Willmore and has no more information or details that it can share with the village at this stage.

Next steps

Once the housing needs survey has been analysed by the survey organisers, if the developers believes that a need for such housing has been demonstrated, the next step will be for BW to submit a planning application to CWAC at which time the Parish Council will be invited to comment.

It is important to remember that any member of the public can comment on a planning application via the CWAC Planning website, or in writing.

Such comments need to be sent back by a specified date to the local planning authority (CWAC) as they will be the organisation responsible for determining the application. Please do not submit your comments to the Parish Council other than for information as we cannot forward these to CWAC on your behalf, any resident’s comments must come direct from yourselves to CWAC

If you think that you may wish to respond to the planning application, if and when one is submitted, then here is a link to a useful guide on how best to respond:

If and when the planning application is submitted, those living close to a site affected by a planning application will normally be notified directly by CWAC.

However, as the Parish Council is always notified when a planning application is submitted within the parish, when we receive formal notification that an application for this proposal has been submitted, we will inform people of this by publishing information on the village noticeboard, village website, village Facebook page and in the Kingsley News.

Depending on when the planning application is submitted (for example, if the planning application is submitted over the Christmas holidays), the Parish Council may seek an extension to the time normally allowed to submit its comments. We would suggest that individuals wishing to make comments should also consider making a similar request. The Parish Council will consider holding an Extraordinary Meeting to discuss the details of the planning application, if it is felt that is necessary.

Until the planning application or further details are made available by the developers, the Parish Council is unlikely to be able to provide any more information. However, if anyone does have any further questions or queries that we can help with then please contact any of your Parish Councillors directly. We have requested the Admin of the Kingsley Facebook page to Close this post for commenting to permit any queries to be correctly channelled and recorded for follow up and or action.

Full contact details for the Parish Clerk and all the Parish Councillors are on the noticeboard and on the Kingsley Village website. 

20th November 2016