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Dear Residents,

We thought it appropriate to update you on the progress of the Higher Heyes Development after a contractor was found to be working on the site during the previous week and caused several questions to local parish councillors. The latest information we have is that the planning conditions placed on the site by Cheshire West and Chester Planning Department are nearing completion and could soon be ‘signed off’ by the appropriate authorities.

As I’m sure you are aware, Kingsley residents, and people with connections to Kingsley have first ‘claim’ on the purchase of the affordable housing that will be built on the site and we will ensure that we provide information about purchasing the properties as soon as it becomes available. We can also now confirm that should the affordable house not be sold; they will be offered through an “affordable rent” scheme.

Anyone attracted to this development should register their interest via West Cheshire Homes (, the housing entity of Cheshire West and Cheshire, as soon as possible but residents should be aware that there is currently a backlog of processing applications of approximately four weeks. Can we also stress the ‘rent’ scheme will only become available six months after the initial sale of the properties.

The timescale for Kingsley residents to be accepted is limited and there is a ‘cascade’ which will apply to a wider area, details of which are included within the ‘Affordable Housing Statement’ provided by Liverpool Mutual Homes Limited, who are responsible for the management of the development.

Further information will be released when it becomes available.

Mike Stubbs
Locum Clerk to the Parish Council

Affordable Housing Statement

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