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Apprenticeship schemes are available at Forresters in Kingsley, they are wanting to take on 14 apprentices; 10 manufacturing, 2 engineering and 2 warehousing.

They’re offering national minimum wage, excellent career development opportunities and full training supported by Total People.

All vacancies are on the National Apprenticeship Service website and on Total People’s site.

Graham Warburton

Well, March came in like a lamb with several sunny still days, and it certainly went out like a lion. Gales blew, and driving rain and hail made field work impossible. For 10 days we could not turn a wheel. Potato planting, spraying, ploughing and drilling spring barley and fertilising all had to stop. The fleece we use to cover our ‘first earlies’ (potatoes), withstood the gales quite well, with only a little bit blown off and ripped. Thanks to Richard and George for making such a good job of putting it on. The old saying ‘March Many Weather ‘was never more true.

Our snowdrops were out in January this year, quickly followed by crocus and the daffodils. It is not Spring until the daffs are out, but they certainly took a battering in the driving winds. The final Spring bulb, the Tulip, is now in bud and should be a fantastic show when you read this article.




Frodsham Independent Market

Saturday 4 April

10am - 3pm

Parish Hall, Church St


Kirstie of Yurei Boutiques has been busy organising a new monthly market that will take place on the first Saturday of each month, 10am - 3pm at the Parish Hall on Church St.  This is a new market set up to provide a very affordable way for local, small creative businesses to connect with the community.

Frodsham's Independent Market will feature crafters, vintage sellers, small independent boutiques, bakers and food producers, fashion designers.

Help support small local businesses who might one day be able to move into the retail spaces of the town and expand our local economy, bringing jobs, money and exciting, community inclusive projects to this area.


For more information visit the Frodsham Independent Market Facebook Page.  Hope to see you on 4th April!


Kate Dodgson

Frodsham Foundation

Priority Service Register (PSR)

If you are of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick you can ask your supplier to add you to their Priority Service Register (PSR).
Free services available to Priority Service Register customers include:

Graham WarburtonAutumn came in September and it really was the “Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness”. Ideal growing weather has meant massive crops of fruits: apples, pears, plums and damsons. While huge bunches of blackberries hung in the hedgerows. We have gathered lots of sloes from the blackthorn plant to put in our slow gin for Christmas. Very good it is too - hic!

When the frustrating wet and soggy August ended, September brought an Indian Summer: glorious sunny days meant harvest could resume and was finally completed on 10th September. The wheat and barley was cut dry enough to store without drying. Yields have been OK but not much better than average. Potato yields have been very good due to ideal growing conditions: rain and hot sun, then more rain. But big yields mean low prices. Prices for all farm products have crashed this year for various reasons. There has been a huge harvest in the USA, record yields of soya, maize (corn) and wheat have driven down prices, and ironically, after the huge success of fracking, there is a surplus of gas in the USA, so the millions of tons of maize and wheat that went into ethanol production and bio-diesel for fuel, is now on the market depressing prices. There have been good harvests in all the main wheat producing areas of the world, Australia, Argentina and Russia/Ukraine. Russia has been a strong seller of wheat out of Ukraine. Black sea wheat, as it is called, is always priced to sell, meaning it is always the cheapest, so pulls down the price.


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