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Message sent by Andy Wedgwood (Police, Sergeant, Western Rural)

News Bulletin  

Western Rural Round-up-           Week ending       8/2/2015

NPT Frodsham - Voicemail. 0845-458-6393
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NPT Mickle Trafford – Voicemail. 0845-458-6394 
Please note that the local police station 0845 telephone numbers are not staffed 24 hours a day and that there may be some delay in responding to any messages left. 

  1. I will start this week’s report with an update that the police receive quite a few reports about erratic, possibly drunk drivers. Officers have managed to stop a number of such vehicles – in the majority of cases, there has been an innocuous reason for the manner of driving but inevitably, a small number have been found to be driving whilst drunk or drugged. Please help to keep our roads safe by reporting anyone who you have good reason to believe is driving whilst unfit.
  2. Police have taken reports over the past couple of weeks about youths throwing stones at passing cars, in the Elton area. Enquiries are on-going to identify those responsible and officers are also making local schools and youth groups aware of the problem, so that appropriate messages can be delivered to local youths.
  3. Last weekend, a couple of sheds were broken into in the Carden area, near Broxton. One resident also saw a suspicious male going up and down driveways. If any residents happened to see any suspicious vehicles in the area, please contact the police.
  4. There have been a number of house burglaries this week. Offenders were arrested inside the addresses at two offences, in Farndon and Hatton Heath. Other offences have occurred in Norley, Farndon, Kingsley, Tattenhall and Tarporley. It is possible that the offenders are identifying empty properties by waiting until teatime when it goes dark and seeing which properties don’t have any lights on or signs of habitation. Please make use of timer switches on lamps and ask trusted neighbours to come in and drawer curtains etc, to make it appear that someone is home.
  5. A ‘scam’ that I would like to warn you about this week involves offenders obtaining your basic details and then setting up a mail redirection with the post office. Because the post office always send a confirmation letter to the old address, the fraudsters then send a follow on letter, purporting to be from the post office, saying that the confirmation letter was sent out in error, hoping that the householder will not bring the matter to the attention of the post office. If you get any such correspondence from the post office that you have no knowledge about, or indeed, notice any sudden changes to your mail delivery, please contact the post office straight away.
  6. Many readers of this newsletter will already be in a Homewatch area. If you aren’t, can I please ask you to consider setting one up? You already receive this newsletter via the ‘Alert’ system – this system also provides step-by-step instructions for setting up a new Homewatch area. There is little work involved in running a successful Homewatch group – it basically relies on encouraging neighbours to keep an eye out for each other. It also helps to keep members informed of any crimes in their area, provides security advice and will often entitle you to a discount on your home insurance and home improvements!

Inspector Keith Curbishley
Frodsham Police Station
Western Rural Neighbourhood Police Team 
0845 458 6393 


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