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My name is Jonathan and I am the Singing Together Project Coordinator for Carers Trust 4 All in Cheshire West and Chester. I’m just contacting you in the hope that individuals who use your facilities will be interested by the Singing Together project either in regards for themselves or in regards to someone they know.


Carers Trust 4 All is a charity that supports carers of all ages; for any more information here is the website link:

Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council
Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984




Dear friends,


The new Sandstone Ridge website has gone live!  In launching the site the Sandstone Ridge Trust hopes to achieve 3 things: firstly, celebrate the beauty and special qualities of the Ridge; secondly, encourage local people and visitors to ‘get out and experience’ the area at first hand and; thirdly, inspire the communities living and working on the Ridge to come together, pool their knowledge and talents and help look after this special landscape.

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for the Sandstone Ridge Trust

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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The owners of Greenacres Farm have asked that the following be posted in respect to the flood of separated water on the afternoon of Friday 24 March 2017:

Dear Kingsley Village,

I should like to apologise on behalf of all at Greenacres Farm for the flood this afternoon. The police, the Environment Agency and Highways were informed immediately of the incident and the fire service is now in attendance to aid clearance. The flood is what is known as "separated water" which has been separated from the cow's "slurry" or "manure"; it is not human sewerage; separated water is commonly used for irrigation and natural fertillisation of pasture and crops grown for both animal and human consumption. Once again, we do apologise and assure everyone that we are assisting the authorities in their remedial actions.

Press Release


Funding approved for refurbishment of Village Hall at Kingsley & Newton Village Institute, Top Road, Kingsley, Cheshire.


The people of Kingsley are to get an extensive refurbishment of their Village Institute building thanks to a £32,830 grant from funding body WREN.

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