Kingsley Village
in the heart of Cheshire

Sadly Coronavirus is not something we can ignore, it's here and will change the way we all live in the next few months and we should all try to be proactive.

Our objective is to formulate a plan to assist the elderly and in-firmed during these troubled times.

We would like to organise a list of volunteers and skill-sets to be able to coordinate assistance with shopping, perhaps a phone call service to check up or even just chat to anyone isolated.

If you feel you can help or have any suggestions that will help us care for our Kingsley Residents please sign up to this mailing list.

We hope you all stay safe and well during these troubled times.

Please note that this list is for people to register their interest in being able to help people in the village. Whether anything comes of it will depend on the level of interest and offers of help.

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