Kingsley Village
in the heart of Cheshire

Welcome to Kingsley Allotment Society

We are a small privately run allotment site in the village of Kingsley that was formed in 2009, as an offshoot of Kingsley Transition initiative, to enable residents to grow their own fruit and vegetables locally.

We currently have 21 plots of various sizes as well as a few small starter plots that are perfect for if you've always fancied having an allotment but don't yet have the experience. There is always the option to move onto a bigger plot if you find you need more space.

With Brexit and the climate crisis in the news it is now more important than ever to reduce your food miles and the amount of packaging you bring home.

Not only that, but it is a great opportunity to spend more time outside, helping to improve your health and well-being and getting to know more people in your local community.

So, if you live in the parishes of Kingsley, Kingswood, Crowton, Delamere & Oakmere, Norley or Acton Bridge and would like to have an allotment please get in touch via email


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