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Week beginning 30 July 2020

From 22nd to 24th July  the last of the block and beam flooring will be going on so we will have the crane on site for probably 2 days, and also there will be several articulated lorries carrying the beams from Cumbria.

The mortar silo is on site now, delivered last Thursday 16th July this is for the brickwork contractor who will be starting the super structure works on Monday 27th July, this is scheduled for 12 weeks but we are hoping to try and shave some time off this, that of course is also reliant on our lovely weather helping us out.

All services are on site now so there should be very little if any disturbance on Higher Heyes drive now.

The road is now ready for tarmac so once its been inspected by Cheshire West we will be laying a base coat which will be topped towards the end of the project.

We have off hired the green road sweeper now because of the formation of the road but I will be bringing in UBU sweepers as and when needed.

I really would like to  thank everyone in the village for their patience during this build, I am trying my best to keep you all happy and will try to ensure that the job runs smoothly.

Feel free to ask any questions on Facebook, email or phone, I will always try to answer them.

Many Thanks

Kind Regards


Site Manager

Mobile:  07764856200

Email:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Progress Update

Recent photographs can be viewed at (last updated 29 May 2020)

Good Morning all,

I was going to tell you that next week the first delivery of face brick are coming but they arrived at 7.30 this morning.

The bricks we are going to use for the main build are Forterra Victorian mixture, and for the contrasting panels between some windows we are using Weinerberger smooth reds.

I am hoping to have a test panel built soon in the 2 contrasting bricks and when I do I will send a photo.

This week the surface water drainage was virtually completed, we just have the hydro brake to finish off.

We have started the foul drainage now and that should be completed in the new road next week.

Foundations – we have dug out and concreted plots 10 and 11 (bungalows ) in the top corner of the site backing on to Mansefield Road.




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