Kingsley Village
in the heart of Cheshire

Message sent by Ryan Reid (Police, PCSO, Chester LPU Rural & Frodsham PCSO)


Don’t leave valuables such as CDs, pen drives, sat nav systems, laptops, handbags and mobile phones on show - even if you think an item isn’t of any particular value, someone else might think differently.
Don’t leave coats or clothing visible. Their pockets may be empty but someone looking through the window won’t know that.
Make sure your car is locked and all windows, doors, boot and sunroof are closed properly.
Activate all security devices, alarms, immobilisers, etc. when left unattended.
Always park your car in a safe, well lit place. 
If you can leave your valuables at home.
If not take them with you whilst walking in the Forest.


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