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Message sent by Neil Busby (Police, PC, Western Rural NPU)

Monthly Newsletter   March 2015
Western Rural Police Team 
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Message from Inspector Keith Curbishley
It will not have escaped your notice on the national news that Operation Yewtree (investigating the Jimmy Saville abuse offences) keeps on making the headlines. One result of this is that far more historical and current abuse cases are now being reported to the police. All such reports are taken seriously and are fully investigated. Whilst a growing team of specialist officers carry out the main enquiries, it is often the local officers who are the first point of contact for the victims. A great deal of training is given to all police officers in how to recognize and deal with Child Sexual Exploitation and all other forms of related abuse. Not only will the police carry out a thorough and sympathetic investigation, but they will also work with other agencies in order to ensure that victims receive the support that they need, not only through the police investigation, but also to help them get their lives back on track, after their ordeal. 
It always comes as a surprise when a new location of such abuse is identified. The main thing to learn from this is that abuse can happen anywhere in the country and in any place where young or vulnerable people are present. It is therefore important that everyone is aware of the possibility of offenders trying to take advantage of vulnerable people and not to think ‘it could never happen here’…

Local priorities for March 2015

  1. Burglaries – Police work hard to identify those locations which appear to being targeted by offenders and then to ensure that those responsible are arrested at the earliest opportunity. Officers will also try to notify those communities at particular risk as soon as possible, offering appropriate security advice. Due to the nature of such offences, targeted locations will often change on a regular basis.
  2. ASB – Antisocial Behaviour takes many forms from rowdy youths to cultural discrimination. Where problems are identified, officers will work with the local community to try to identify the problem and then to work with all parties to try to alleviate the issues which cause tension and to encourage those involved to be aware of how their actions can be perceived.
  3. Drug abuse – Drug abuse occurs at all levels in our communities, from the individual user who will often commit petty crime to fund their habit, to the street dealer who threatens and intimidates to generate their income, to the producers and main dealers who try to hide their activities behind legitimate businesses. Cheshire police are currently targeting drugs at all levels but are particularly keen to receive information relating to cannabis cultivation or the activities of main dealers.

Local news    

  • There has been more local shed break ins and theft from motor vehicles in the area. Always lock your vehicles even if you are just nipping into the shop or the house. Garden sheds and garages should also be securely locked and all expensive items put out of sight and away.
  • A car was stolen opposite the Helsby Spice in Helsby with the keys still in it. Even though the driver only left the car for a matter of moments the car was still taken. Always lock your car when you are away from it and make sure all valuables are out of sight.
  • There have been reports of youths congregating late at night by the Library and the Medical Centre. We are monitoring this and making regular patrols in the evening but if you see or hear anything please report this to 101.

Delamere, Kingsley, Hatchemere, Utkinton, Dunham on the Hill and Great Barrow

  • There have been a number of complaints about dog fouling in Norley. This has been reported to PCSO Phil Brandreth who will be monitoring this closer. Owners who refuse to pick up their dog mess can face a fine.
  • In Great Barrow during the weekend football we are receiving complaints about the amount of cars parked on pavements in obstructing places. Please be aware that cars causing a complete obstruction to the footpath can be issued with a fixed penalty notice. PCSO Phil Brandreth will be increasing patrols around this area during the football on the weekends.
  • In Dunham on the Hill we are getting complaints about cars parked on the pavement by the Boshaw Centre. Please have respect for pedestrians using the footpaths and give enough space for wheelchairs and push chairs to pass safely.
  • We continue to carry out speed watch in Delamere particularly on Station Road through to Hatchemere. Please follow all speed limits around the forest and think about other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians walking through the forest. 

          Local Officer Details
PCSO21596 Phil Brandreth. 
Frodsham Police Station, Ship Street, WA6 7NW.
01606 362543
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view
Local News - Frodsham
Community SpeedWatch is up and running in Frodsham!!!!
Community Speedwatch is designed to increase awareness about the dangers of speeding.
Speeding is one of the factors that most affects the quality of life within the Frodsham area, which in turn makes it one of the biggest community priorities.
Until now the Neighbourhood Policing Team has been able to do some work to tackle this problem. However, because we are being told speeding is a big concern we want to work with you. We think that the Community SpeedWatch programme is a good way to move forward.
Community SpeedWatch allows members of the community to volunteer and take action, helping us to educate drivers on the roads of concern in your area.
The scheme is managed by Frodsham Town Council and Cheshire Police, but run by volunteers. Volunteers use equipment that monitors the speed of passing traffic and records the details, later adding them to a database. Vehicle checks are then undertaken by the police and letters are sent to the registered keepers advising them of the speed and reminding them of why it is a community concern.
SpeedWatch is not enforcement, it is education. It is important to know that SpeedWatch now forms part of our response to speeding issues.  It is the first tier in our response to dealing with this problem.  If a problem persists, we escalate to tier two, meaning that enforcement can be undertaken by the police.
Frodsham Town Council recently purchased their very own speed Indicator device and we alreadyhave some trained volunteers, however we are looking for more volunteers to do some initial training for a couple of hours and then in at least groups of two take an active role in reducing speed on the roads in Frodsham.
Think you can make a difference in your area? Get in touch via your local Police Community Support Officer Neil Flanagan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view 
You Said we Did – Helsby
You Said: Monitor speeding on Chester Road
We Did: Have carried out speed gun work in the area especially by the Queens Drive Junction. We also have carried out speed gun work on Primrose Lane and deployed our speed activation device knows as SID around the area.
You Said: Monitor car parking around both primary schools
We Did: We have attended both schools to monitor the parking at the start of school as this was really a problem due to space and size of the roads. We are hoping our continued visibility will stop some road users causing direct obstructions to benefit themselves.  
You Said: Provide more presence in the areas of theft from motor vehicles and shed break ins. 
We Did: We have carried on our mobile patrol in and around the arounds where the crimes have been reported. We continue to do this in marked police vehicles and on foot.  
You Said We Did - Delamere, Kingsley, Hatchemere, Utkinton, Dunham on the Hill and Great Barrow
You Said: Parking outside Kingsley co-op shop and chemist is still a problem. 
We Did: Advised motorists who were parked on the yellow lines to move on and increased patrols through this area during duty. 
You Said: In Barrow there is terrible parking decisions made by the parents of the children who play football on the field. 
We Did: Show visibility during the football matches and monitor parking. 
You Said: Cars are speeding down Station Road in Delamere all the time. 
We Did: This is an ongoing problem. We carry out regular speed checks in this location and also put up speed activation devices to make drivers aware of their speed. 
You Said We Did – Frodsham
You said: Local residents expressing concern about speeding on various roads in Frodsham.
We did: Traffic enforcement initiatives in the area which led to a number of fines and prosecutions for those found committing speed offences, similarly PCSO Flanagan will be supporting the Community Speedwatch volunteers, who continue to work hard to deter speeding motorists.
Parking Issues
You said:  Residents have been concerned about the parking of vehicles around local schools in an unsafe manner.
We did: Local PCSO Neil Flanagan has been targeting the problem areas in Frodsham and issuing warnings where necessary. Neil will continue to monitor the issues at all 4 primary school with a view to working with the schools to formulate possible solutions.
Primary school Visits
You said: You would like to see engagement between the police and schools to discuss Stranger Danger and Road Safety issues.
We did: PCSO Neil Flanagan has been carrying out School Visits and talking to pupils in relation to Stranger Danger and will be doing Let’s Walk Road Safety Courses with pupils in Year 3 and 4 at all 4 primary school during March and April.


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