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Message sent by Andy Wedgwood (Police, Sergeant, Western Rural)

News Bulletin 

Western Rural Round-up-           Week ending       10/5/2015  
NPT Frodsham - Voicemail. 0845-458-6393
NPT Dragon Hall - Voicemail. 0845-458-6377
NPT Mickle Trafford – Voicemail. 0845-458-6394

Please note that the local police station 0845 telephone numbers are not staffed 24 hours a day and that there may be some delay in responding to any messages left. 

  1. I have reported previously about reporting suspicious activity on any building sites near your addresses. This week, residents in Tarvin and Helsby have reported such activity, which resulted in prompt police attendance. As a result, the prowlers made off without having the opportunity to steal anything. Such prompt action by residents will certainly send a clear message out that such sites are not easy targets and will therefore deter criminals from coming to the area. Thank you for your assistance.
  2. On Tuesday night, a town centre shop in Frodsham was broken into. There have been similar offences in the area over recent months. Shopkeepers are asked to ensure that all reasonable security measures are taken to secure their businesses. If you have any information which may assist the police, please call 101.
  3. Officers have been engaged in speed enforcement work in Farndon over the past week or so. Comment has already been made by local residents that they have seen a notable reduction in the speed of vehicles in the area. Local officers in Farndon and other rural villages are currently encouraging local residents to become involved in Community Speedwatch projects. These projects provide training and equipment to local residents, so that they can go out and carry out work to help reduce traffic speeds in their area. If you would like to become involved in a project in your area, please phone 101 or contact your local officer.
  4. Two vehicles have been broken into whilst parked on hotel carparks across the area. One of these vehicles was unlocked. It seems that every week, I have to report thefts of valuable computer equipment from unlocked vehicles. Please, please do not leave valuables on display in your vehicle, wherever it is parked, and always make sure that you lock it.
  5. There have been a number of reports this week about motorists driving through the road closures near the A55 & A483 junction, just south of Chester. The road is closed most nights to enable essential road works to be completed. The road is closed in order to provide a safe work environment for the engineers, who may walk onto the road, not expecting cars to be driving along it. It is extremely dangerous, both to the workforce and for the motorist to ignore the closures. Offending motorists will be dealt with robustly, should they choose to put lives at risk.
  6. Last weekend, someone tried to force entry to a house in Ashton Hayes whilst they were away. Fortunately the strong locks withstood the attack and no entry was gained. If you are going away, even for a short period, please take steps to make it appear that someone is home.
  7. On Saturday night, a motorcycle was stolen from outside an address in Frodsham. Motorcycles are particularly vulnerable to theft. Please make sure that you utilise a quality disc lock or heavy duty chain to secure your bike.
  8. On Sunday morning, a male dressed as a woman entered a store in Tarvin and carried out an armed robbery. A number of customers and local residents gave chase as he tried to get away and detained the male who is now in police custody. The investigation is still progressing as I write.

Inspector Keith Curbishley
Frodsham Police Station
Western Rural Neighbourhood Police Team 
0845 458 6393 


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