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Message sent by Andy Wedgwood (Police, Sergeant, Western Rural)

News Bulletin 

Western Rural Round-up-           Week ending      7/12/2014 
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Please note that the local police station 0845 telephone numbers are not staffed 24 hours a day and that there may be some delay in responding to any messages left. 

  1. Sadly, I have to report that there have been three reports of dogs attacking sheep this week. A lot of sheep are brought across to Cheshire fields from the Welsh hills for the winter, to lamb. Dog owners should be aware of the increased livestock in the area and ensure that their dogs are kept under proper control. Even a ‘friendly’ dog running after sheep without attacking them can cause the pregnant sheep to give birth to still-born lambs.
  2. Please stay alert at home for attempts to defraud you – there have been another two reports this week about phone callers purporting to be from ‘Microsoft Windows’, trying to gain access to home computers. Fortunately, the residents recognised this as fraudulent behaviour and hung up. There have also been a couple of attempt frauds, whereby home deliveries are intercepted or ordered without the householders knowledge. Please shred all paperwork which contains personal information and remember to regularly check all bank and credit card statements.
  3. A robbery occurred at Elton post office on Wednesday evening, just as the shop was closing. Police believe the offenders to be from out of the area and are appealing for anyone who may have information about the offence to contact them.
  4. There have been two burglaries this week, in Norley and Waverton, whereby BMW vehicles have been stolen after the vehicle keys were taken from the house. Other burglaries or attempted burglaries have occurred in Christleton and Frodsham. Please keep vehicle keys out of sight and make every effort to make it appear that someone is at home, even during the day. Please register with for ideas about home security and to receive notifications about emerging scams and local police reports.
  5. On Tuesday morning, police took a report about an unlocked vehicle having property stolen from it overnight, in the Pulford area. Police have increased the number of marked and unmarked patrols in this area following a number of similar offences, but it is essential that drivers lock their vehicles and do not leave valuables in their vehicles.
  6. Police patrols are paying extra attention to the shopping areas of villages on the run up to Christmas. This is to deter shoplifters and to increase the chances of detaining them, should they try to commit any offences.
  7. Finally, I would like to remind all drivers that Cheshire police are carrying out a great number of breath tests already and these will continue over the whole festive period at ALL times of day. A conviction for drink driving can cost jobs, finances, mobility, social standing and also friendships – drink driving is socially unacceptable to most of society. Leave the car at home and make arrangements for getting home BEFORE you go out. Please enjoy the festive season sensibly.

Inspector Keith Curbishley
Frodsham Police Station
Western Rural Neighbourhood Police Team 
0845 458 6393 


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