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Kingsley Parish Council would welcome quotations from local contractors to the attached specification to complete works to Kingsley Cemetery Paths. 

Please return completed quotation to

Replacement of the Surface to Tarmac Footpaths at Kingsley Parish Council Cemetery

1.0 Specification to Supply & Lay Replacement surface of Tarmac Footpaths

Kingsley Parish Council invites contractors to supply and lay a replacement surface to the existing cemetery tarmac footpaths. The contractor shall commence at the joint between the previous new path and the existing old path at the cemetery notice board.

All tendering contractors shall quote in accordance with the specification below. Should the contractor wish to propose an alternative method, materials, etc; he shall attach such alternatives as an addenda. All contractors MUST visit site in order to prepare their quotation, no additional costs will be accepted for want of knowledge at the time of tendering.

2.0 Specification of Works to be undertaken.

To supply and lay approx 195 linear metres of footpath, 1.2m wide with 100 x 25mm timber edging on both sides of the path, with pegs at least 1m centres, around the whole perimeter. The works are to commence from the existing cemetery notice board. The contractor shall be responsible for the final dimensional check of linear metreage of the footpath in preparing his quotation. Kingsley Parish Council accepts no liability or responsibility for inaccurate measurements at the time of preparing the quotation.

The contractor shall dig out and remove any protruding roots that will affect the laying of the footpath and cut back all grass edging that encroaches on the 1.2m width.

The contractor shall scabble the whole of the existing surface, remove all loose coatings, materials, mosses and lichens that will affect adherence of the new emulsion coat. Scabblings may be used to infill between existing path and the new boarding, but must be compacted

The contractor shall compact the whole of the sub-base area with a plate vibrator prior to commencing application of the new surface.

The contractor shall apply tac coat emulsion over the whole footpath area to bond the old and new surfaces together.

The contractor shall supply and lay a 20mm base coat to the whole of the footpath area prior to applying the wearing coarse.

The contractor shall supply and lay a heavy duty wearing course comprising 6mm granite laid at 30mm depth to the whole of the footpath area.

The contractor shall supply and lay a final anti-slip coating of tar spray and chippings to the whole of the footpath area, and roller to ensure full adherence.

The contractor shall remove all waste from site and shall as required include in his quotation for an appropriate number of skips to execute the works.

3.0 Form of Tender

The contractor shall complete the following form in full, failure to do this may eliminate his quotation from consideration by the Parish Council;


a). Supply and lay 100 x 25mm edging board to both sides of the path:

b). Dig out and remove all protruding roots and cut back grass edge.:

c). Scabble the existing footpath surface and remove all loose materials:

d). Compaction of existing footpath.:

e). Tac coating to the whole of the footpath area.:

f). Supply and lay 20mm base coat to the whole of the footpath area.:

g). Supply and lay heavy duty wearing coarse 6mm granite to 30mm depth:

h). Supply and lay anti-slip coat of tar spray and chippings and roller finish:

i). Skip costs:


Total Cost excl VAT: £

Name of Contractor: _____________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________



Tel: No: ________________________________________

E mail : ________________________________________


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