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Wildlife Crime

There has been an Incident where two Badgers were found dead on the road leading to CF Fertilizers next to Ince Marshes. The badgers had injuries which are possibly consistent to badger baiting.
If you should see any suspicious activity in the area or areas where badger sets are located, please call 101 to report the incident to our Rural Wildlife Team.

Badgers and the law

The Protection of Badgers Act 1992 protects badgers and their homes (setts) from international cruelty and from the results of lawful human activities such as building developments.

Under the Act it is an offence to
  • Interfere with a badger sett intentionally or reckless by;
  • Damaging a sett or any part thereof
  • Destroying a sett
  • Causing a dog to enter a sett
  • Wilfully kill, injure, take or attempt to take a badger
  • Cruelly ill-treat a badger
  • Use badger tongs in the course of killing or attempting to take a badger
  • Dig for a badger
  • Use for the purpose of killing or taking a badger any firearm other than a smooth bore weapon or not less than 20 bore or a rifle using ammunition having a muzzle energy not less than 160 foot pounds and a bullet weighing not less than 38 grains
  • Sell or offer for sale or control any live badger
  • Mark, tag or ring a badger other than one which is lawfully in their possession by virtue of such licence

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Message Sent By
Wendy Leason (Police, Community Support Officer, Saughall)

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Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire
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Volunteers Wanted To Check on the Welfare of Police Dogs

Are you a dog lover with experience in animal welfare?

Cheshire’s police and crime commissioner is currently on the lookout for volunteers to help him ensure police dogs are being treated correctly.

You will make monthly unannounced visits to kennels to observe, comment and report on the conditions in which Cheshire Constabulary’s dogs are housed.

You’ll also have the chance to view dog training sessions and accompany dog handlers and their canine companions out on patrol across Cheshire and North Wales.

It’s part of PCC David Keane’s Police Dog Welfare Scheme which is run through an alliance between Cheshire Constabulary and North Wales Police.

The scheme aims to maintain standards and ensure that training procedures are ethical, humane, transparent and accountable.

For more information or to find out how to apply to become a Police Dog Welfare Visitor in Cheshire please contact Sarah Tilling in the Commissioner’s office, either by calling 01606 364000 or emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Message Sent By
Caroline Tozer (Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, Communications Officer, Police and Crime Commissioner)

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Cheshire Constabulary
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Warning Due To A Rise In Courier Fraud Crimes

We're issuing an urgent warning to residents after three elderly victims were conned out of more than £60,000 by fraudsters posing as police officers and bank workers.

Courier frauds are mainly committed by organised crime groups (OCGs). A member of the OCG, known as the ‘victim communicator’ makes phone calls to vulnerable potential victims, usually the more elderly members of the community, telling them they are a police officer or work at the bank.

They persuade the victim to cooperate with an ‘operation’ designed to gather evidence or identify offenders responsible for a fictional offence. The victims are asked to withdraw money from their bank, purchase an expensive item and/or provide their bank details or card to assist with the operation.

The money, item or documents are handed over to another member of the gang, the ‘courier’, who attends the victim’s address or meets them nearby, on the promise that the money or item will be returned or compensation provided.

In the last 28 days alone, three Cheshire victims have been conned out of more than £60,000 in cash and goods. Two victims in Crewe both handed over more than £10,000 each after withdrawing cash and giving it to fraudsters in the mistaken belief they were assisting police officers. One victim in Alderley Edge has lost £20,000 cash and over £20,000 in goods while there was a narrow escape for a Congleton victim who tried make a withdrawal from the bank but, thankfully, the Banking Protocol* was followed which prevented them from losing their money.

In the other five cases the potential victims realised there was a potential scam in progress and informed the police.

Detective Sergeant Chris Jacques from Cheshire Constabulary’s Economic Crime Unit said: “Nationally, courier fraud is a growing problem with over 1000 offences committed in the last six months. A national awareness campaign is being launched this week to target offenders, which we will be supporting.

“I would strongly urge anyone receiving calls asking for money to be withdrawn and handed over to a courier to immediately phone the police on 101 or report the incident to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. Police, banks or other such services don’t cold call so, if you do receive a phone call purporting to be from one of these organisations, don’t be taken in by what they say. They are not genuine.”

Officers have issued general advice on how to spot and avoid courier fraud:
  • Police officers, banks or other such organisations will never ask you for cash or your bank details.
  • If you do receive a potential courier fraud call us on 101 or report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.
  • If someone is trying to rush you into doing something regarding your bank account it is likely they are involved in a scam.
  • Do you bank with one particular bank but the person on the phone is talking about a different one - even if they do have the right bank, it doesn’t mean it is legitimate.
*The Banking Protocol trains bank staff to spot when someone is about to fall victim to a scam and will try to prevent them from withdrawing cash to give to a fraudster, after which they can request an immediate police response to the branch.  52 payment service providers, including all the main high street banks and the Post Office, are now fully signed up to the Banking Protocol and have trained up their front-line branch staff in the steps that need to be taken when a customer is at risk. Since March 2018, the scheme has been implemented by all 45 police forces across the UK.

Message Sent By
Ashley Lawton (Cheshire Police / Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, Administrator, Corporate Communications)

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On 30/01/20 at Delamere Train Station car park between 1800-2050 hrs a vehicle was broken into and a sat nav taken.

Also on 01/02/20 at the same location between 1130-1300 hrs another vehicle was broken into and a hand bag with contents was taken.

if anyone has any information regarding the above incidents then please contact Cheshire Police on 101 quoting IML 625009 for the 30/01/20 incident and IML 626368 r the 01/02/20 incident.

Message Sent By
Sue Keers (Police, PCSO, Chester LPU PCSO)

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Suspicious Persons

This morning  three males attended at a static caravan park in Delamere claiming to do building work. Money was handed over by one of the residents and they left claiming to return to do the work once they had picked up the relevant supplies.

First male was a stocky build with dark short hair and a beard, wearing a blue puffa jacket and tracksuit bottoms.

The second male was slim wearing a blue baseball cap, black top and grey tracksuit bottoms.

The third male we have no description.

If anyone has any information then please call 101 quoting IML 599834.

Message Sent By
Sue Keers (Police, PCSO, Chester LPU PCSO)


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