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These are really difficult and trying times, we live in isolation, we hear of nothing but sickness and death - even in our own village. But we have been blessed these days with some beautiful, if not chilly at times, days and whilst we are encouraged to walk each day to get exercise, what better exercise can we get than spending our days in the garden.

We have never spent so much time in our gardens, and as someone commented, "we should have gardens ready to rival Kew by the end of isolation". Clearly, the club did not meet in April and will not be meeting in May the way things are going. BUT - Kingsley Garden Club is out there in the community. If you have read Facebook or the Village website, you will know that we have a table outside Val Boote's house at the bottom of Well Lane next to Kingsley Brook. This is run on a basis of take and replace with something of your own (cuttings, seeds), or, take and make a voluntary donation to the Club.

We live in hope that we might be able to host a June meeting, the final one of this season, before we all go on holiday - again! We have a new season planned with some really exciting and keynote speakers, so something to look forward to in these very dark times. And as Monty always says.....

Some Jobs for You to be getting on with.....

  • Plant out your tomatoes, they should be getting to a reasonable size

  • Start planting out summer bedding (try our stall)

  • Now your bulbs have finished, let the foliage die back and water with liquid fertiliser

  • Remember to open doors and vents on your green houses to stop toasting your seedlings.

  • Don't forget in these very dry times to water fruit trees, rhubarb and any soft fruits.

  • On the watering side, start saving that washing uo water, the water you run off the hot tap until it comes warm. It all helps to save water and use it most effectively

  • Plant your hanging baskets adding slow release fertiliser and good compost

  • Divide larger hostas as they start to grow.

  • Trim back aubrieta and alyssum after they have flowered to promote new growth and blooms.

Please read the following update regarding construction work re-starting on Higher Heyes, from Ian Forber (Site Manager):

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Cheshire Constabulary
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If you’re going out for an essential journey please do it safely and lawfully – don’t put other road users at risk or the NHS under further strain.
Key workers are still commuting to work. Loved ones are still shopping for food. Don’t put more lives at risk by driving too fast.
Our road safety speed checks will continue as long as we have the resources to support them. Speeding and other road safety checks are an important part of our approach to preventing road collisions –the most serious of which would put extra strain on the NHS at a time when it is already under extreme pressure
We have a duty to uphold the law and keep our roads safe for everyone. Reducing harm on the roads through road safety speed checks remains a priority for the police.
We have seen less congestion on the roads however this has led some drivers to drive at high speed risking their lives and those of other road users. We have a duty to uphold the law and keep our roads safe for everyone.
Please drive lawfully and safely and in doing so keep precious emergency service resources free

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Stephen Parr (Police, Community Support Officer Coach), Chester)

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People of Cheshire Urged To Stay At Home

The people of Cheshire are being reminded to stay at home as the fight against coronavirus continues.

As the country moves into a fifth week of restrictions in a bid to save lives and protect the NHS, residents across the county are urged to do their bit as part of the national effort.

Superintendent Richard Rees said: “I want to thank every single person in Cheshire in helping to play their part in tackling the spread of coronavirus – listening to the advice they have been given, taking it on board and staying at home where they can.

“The steps you are taking during this global pandemic will help to save lives and protect the NHS.

Thank you to all those who signed up to volunteer to help the vulnerable, elderly and self-isolating at this difficult and weird time. We now have a network of volunteers in place so please feel free to let your neighbours (or anybody you think may be vulnerable or in need of help) know that they can request it via the details here.

If you would like to volunteer then please register your interest at

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