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If you’re going out for an essential journey please do it safely and lawfully – don’t put other road users at risk or the NHS under further strain.
Key workers are still commuting to work. Loved ones are still shopping for food. Don’t put more lives at risk by driving too fast.
Our road safety speed checks will continue as long as we have the resources to support them. Speeding and other road safety checks are an important part of our approach to preventing road collisions –the most serious of which would put extra strain on the NHS at a time when it is already under extreme pressure
We have a duty to uphold the law and keep our roads safe for everyone. Reducing harm on the roads through road safety speed checks remains a priority for the police.
We have seen less congestion on the roads however this has led some drivers to drive at high speed risking their lives and those of other road users. We have a duty to uphold the law and keep our roads safe for everyone.
Please drive lawfully and safely and in doing so keep precious emergency service resources free

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Stephen Parr (Police, Community Support Officer Coach), Chester)

Thank you to all those who signed up to volunteer to help the vulnerable, elderly and self-isolating at this difficult and weird time. We now have a network of volunteers in place so please feel free to let your neighbours (or anybody you think may be vulnerable or in need of help) know that they can request it via the details here.

If you would like to volunteer then please register your interest at

Cheshire West and Chester Council and its partners HM Martins have taken the decision to close all household waste recycling centres in the borough until further notice.

Residents are asked to keep bulky items, DIY waste and other waste they usually take to the recycling centre stored safely at home until the sites re open. Residents are asked not to put items out with the kerbside collections as they will not be collected.

Dropping items outside a closed HWRC or on any public space will be classed as fly tipping.

Liz Ellis MCIM

Recycling Awareness Officer

Cheshire West and Chester Council

Environmental Commissioning

Place Operations


Tel: 01244 973574

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Location: Ground Floor, Phoenix House, Clough Road,Winsford,Cheshire, CW7 4BD


Subject: Support Link for People Living in Cheshire West
Date: 2020-03-31 13:23
From: Chris Davenport <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

31 March 2020

An emergency response for people living in west Cheshire has been launched to support those vulnerable groups at higher risk from serious complications as a result of COVID-19 infection.   

The government is now advising people with the most serious underlying conditions to remain in strict isolation, to protect themselves and the NHS.  Councils across the country have now established local hubs, to support people to access food, medical supplies and social support. This has been achieved by co-ordinating work between front-line council and NHS staff, partner agencies, local and national businesses and volunteers. Over 1500 people have responded to Cheshire West and Chester’s call for a community response, to help ensure that physical distancing doesn’t need to mean social isolation. 

UPDATE 18/03/2020: Due to Gov advise we do not think it prudent to hold a meeting.

Councillor Sue Billows writes:

To manage a sustainable and reliable support service The Parish Council needs to work with other community groups. So firstly we need to engage with a village group who are prepared to lead a support network.. To clarify the group needs to be an organization with a recognized presence, management team and terms of reference.

The good news is the Parish Council would be able to offer financial & project support to a group that met the above criteria. The Parish Council will be able to make representations on behalf of the village for grants or hardship funds that may become available.

I won't bore you with all the small print that makes this so, we have more important things to think about than discuss The Localism Act 2011 or KPC Financial Regulations.

What we need is a Community group to say; yes we will lead and the Parish Council will give it support.

I am grateful to the individuals who have offered help, and also my thanks to Beth for offering to help with the Scouts and Cubs to distribute leaflets, etc.

I very much want to develop a localized Kingsley Support mechanism. These larger groups are doing a great job but if we experience lockdowns and more regulations regarding self-isolation Kingsley will need to be self-sufficient. I will give all the support I can and am to help and happy to do some running around and whatever needed ( lol not Dog walking I am a Cat lady )

Simon is working on some clever software to form a mailing list for volunteers which he will publish soon. If there is someone out there that is an officer in one of our many groups who feel they can help and lead for us please call me..07710681031

We have the Community lets now find the Spirit.

Thank You

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